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9 Months and 3 Years

Somehow our kids decided to go grow up on us ;)  Quincy is officially 3 and had a two week birthday celebration that we'll put up soon and Luke is officially 3/4 of a year old!  Sunny braved the doctor's office with two kids well visits at the same time including shots and TB skin tests!  They both came out with a clear bill of health and no TB… we were a little worried about that one ;) Quincy is in the 25th percentile and Luke 92nd for weight and height.  Yes, he'll soon be passing up his big sister in the weight department and not too long after the height!  Man I know we are completely biased, but we sure do have some cute kids… just a reminder, we will brag on our own blog :)

Quincy's Dance Recital

Quincy's picture day for her dance recital was on Saturday.  We ratted and teased her hair to make a "poof," applied makeup (Adam LOVED that haha) taped on her earrings (her ears are not pierced and they must wear those earrings) and dressed her in the "foofiest" costume you can imagine.  Once this process was complete… Quincy informed us she didn't want to go :) Luckily for us, she was fine with mom taking her pictures!  Totally biased… but she is BY FAR the cutest ballerina ;)

**Yes… we know we are completely behind in the blogging arena.  Stick around as we TRY to backtrack!

Cabin Fun

Memorial Day tradition continues… we headed up north to cooler weather and hit up our family cabin.  This was Luke's cabin debut and Quincy the pro showed him the ropes :)  As we were literally packing up the car, Luke decided to make things fun and bonked his head.  Soooo we made a quick detour to the pediatrician where he checked out just fine!  The bruise makes him look quite tough don't you think?! ;)

Temple Lights

The tradition continued as we headed out to see the Temple lights at the Mesa Temple. This time we were lucky enough to have Morgan join us!! Nothing better than Mexican food, lights and hot chocolate and donuts after... Ok, two out of three will have to do. Sorry about dragging you all over town in search of donuts, Morgan :)

An Apple a Day...

Phew... I know we are so behind! I figure I'll start with updates from my phone's camera roll :)

First up the not so "fun" memory of Luke's many trips to the doctor, urgent care and late night runs to Phoenix Children's. The good news... He is perfectly happy and healthy and has no recollection of the many pokes, prods, catheters and chest X-rays he was "lucky" enough to go through. The bad news is Adam and I are fortunate to relive this over and over as the bills keep coming ;)

Dance Recital

We wont tell you that Adam may have teared up a little while watching Quincy dance ;) but here she is in her dancing debut. She's the little one on the far left. We told her before the show that if she went up and danced on stage that we would go out for ice cream after. As soon as we picked her up, the first words out of her mouth were "let's go get the ice cream now!" Of course we think she rocked it out, but we're not biased at all ;) She's a full year younger than the rest of her class… not too bad for a two year old, huh?!


Decided to try out the Bumbo today… Luke loved it! :)

And just to document…As of Halloween, he is smiling ALL THE TIME now!!

Halloween 2011

Our ASU cheerleader and football - Picture overload!  Enjoy the comedy relief as we tried to get both kids into one frame ;) Oh yeah and did we tell you that Adam ran his new car into the garage and Quincy has a nice rash on her face from the Sparky tattoo she's sporting?!  Yes… Halloween 2011 will be one we always remember :)